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So what makes a good Corporate event DJ? Of course the music is vital but it is also very important the way the Dj interacts with your guests. You really want a Dj who can present itself to a corporate standard with experience in customer service. The function has to be meaningful. Your guests need to have a great time and this is where we can help you. We have wide experience dealing with 100’s of corporates and with their guests. Feel free to contact us so we can talk about your specific requirements. With over 10 years experience in Corporate Dj Hire in Sydney, we can help your organisation shine with your guests or employees.

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Corporate Events DJ Hire

All DJs are different and have different styles. The range of DJs available is almost as diverse as the music itself. Some DJs are tied to one or two genres of music. Most of these DJs are club DJs. They only specialise in some kind of music and needless to say; they master their genre, and they can amazingly deliver in their speciality. However, not all club DJs will play just a specific genre. There are those who are equally good in playing a number of genres, and they are good at it.

Every single one of us has played at Corporate events at least 8 years, and most of us 10 at the very least. We understand the audience in a matter of minutes and we make them feel comfortable. Every event is different and therefore, the music, volume, beats and mixes have to be. With our experience, we will make sure to set the tone and make sure your event is a success.

Professionalism Matters

 It is very embarrassing having a boring DJ at an event. A professional DJ knows when it’s time to switch the music up, just to keep the participants captivated. The DJ ought to know how to manipulate the volume at different times all through the event. The music should bring out the desired mood, and this is only achieved when a good Corporate function DJ is on the turntable.

If you ever compromise on professionalism, then you will end up with a mediocre event. It is good to choose someone with a good reputation in the field.

The Cost of a Corporate Dj Hire

The cost of hiring a Corporate DJ for your function also matters. One reason why event organisers prefer a corporate function DJ to a live band is the cost. The DJ can also do a variety of music whereas some bands will only have limited songs on their playlist. However, when talking about costs, cheap is not always the best option. We only use the top of the range equipment and we are all very experienced in our field. We are definitely not the cheapest DJ’s but we are more than happy to talk about your budget and try to make it work. The cost will usually be for a 5-hour function be around $500 including all the equipment, set-up, set-down, Lightning and of course the Dj. 

The music played at a corporate event practically describes it. Therefore you should always start by thinking about the corporate function DJ you are hiring.

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